Are Free Nights and Weekends Electricity Plans Really Worth It?

Have you been noticing a bunch of advertisements for a so-called free nights and weekends electricity plan? It’s no surprise that the thought of saving a bundle on your electric bill has captured your interest.

But that doesn’t mean that they are laying all of their cards on the table. Now should be the time that your critical thinking and judgment skills come into play. Just how much money will switching to one of these plans really end up saving you?

Why Would Companies Offer Free Nights and Weekends?

The first thing you need to do is find out just why a company would want to offer a free nights and weekends electricity plan. It isn’t hard to figure out. When they offer such a plan, what they are really trying to do is get their customers to use more electric power during the after hours.

The point here is to help them avoid spikes in usage that can lead to blackouts and other types of overload. Power shared equally during the day is much easier for an electric company to process, regulate, and monetize. This is how they are able to keep both their prices and level of customer service at a stable level.

Free Isn’t Exactly What it Used to Be

When a company offers you a free nights and weekends electricity, the first thing you need to question is just what “free” means to them. You may not pay anything at all during certain hours of the night.

However, these hours are guaranteed to be late at night through the early morning when you may usually be asleep. If you only rarely ever use electricity at all during these hours, you’re really not getting the great deal you may think you are.

Meanwhile, even if you are paying severely reduced rates during these hours, what kind of rate are you paying for your main usage? This is where many companies sneak up on your wallet. They can afford to give you a great deal on weekend and night usage for the simple reason that they jack up the price on your regular hours.

Is a Free Nights and Weekends Plan Really Useful for You?

As we mentioned above, these types of plans almost always stress the idea of giving you “free” or severely reduced rates during the small hours. But how many times do you find yourself awake at 3 a.m., much less using power? If you have a reason to do so, fine. But if you are normally asleep during your “free” hours, you aren’t really getting much of a deal after all.

The other thing to remember is that companies who offer this type of plan tend to charge more for the electricity they give you during the main hours. You could very well end up paying far more in the end simply because you use 70 percent of your electricity during these peak hours, not the “free” hours which you tend to spend asleep in bed.

If You Don’t Want to Get Played, You Can Try Another Way

If you aren’t a fan of these bait and switch shenanigans, you can opt to find a whole other way to get your electricity. You can join a company that offers a no deposit, month by month type of payment plan. You pay a flat fee with no “free hours” nonsense.

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