Looking for No Deposit Electricity in Texas? Find Out How You can Save $300

When comes to supplying power for your home, you want to make it simple. You want the lights to turn on as soon as you need them. You don’t want to wait for the credit check to come in, make a deposit, and wait for someone to turn on your service. You’re a busy person with a long to-do list. You don’t have time to wait around. With no deposit electricity, your life just got easier.

Choose No Deposit Energy to Simplify Your Life
In the past, getting your power turned on meant jumping through hoops. It meant waiting around. Your life was put on hold until the power company came through for you. At Pogo Energy, it’s a different story. All you need to do is contact the company, put money on your account, and your power will be on that day. You don’t have to put down an arm and a leg. You won’t find yourself tangled up in fees. There is no contract tying you down. Start with a contract that is as low as $20 and you can get started.

Energy Your Way
When you go with Pogo Energy, you are tailoring your home energy plan to fit your needs. When you put a minimum amount down to get started, you’ll simply add money to your account as you need it. You’ll find that you’re more energy-conscious when you can control how much you pay for your electricity. If you think your use is getting too expensive for your bank account, be a little more conscious of ways that you can save energy. You’ll notice you are paying less. If you aren’t worried about your usage and just want the convenience of getting the power supply you need, choose no deposit electricity with Pogo. You’ll set up your schedule for paying on your energy plan.

Pay Your Power Bill in Advance with No Surprises
The philosophy of Pogo Energy is simple. Why wait until the end of the billing cycle to be hit with a bill that shocks you with how much energy you used, not to mention fees you don’t even understand? With Pogo Energy, you put at least $20 on your account and you start enjoying your energy service. Find out how much you are using and how much you’ll need to add to your account to cover your power supply. If at any time, you use more power than the amount that is on your account, your automatically enrolled in a deferred payment plan. That means no worries about being disconnected out of the blue. You’ll be covered until you can get your plan caught up.

Enjoy Clean Energy
Choose Pogo Energy and you’ll have another reason to be proud that you’re a Texan. Your energy supply will be coming from natural sources. That means solar and wind power is generating your energy. It’s a renewable energy source that is having a positive impact on the planet. You can have peace of mind knowing that your power source is 100% clean.

Switch Any Time
If for some reason you are not satisfied or you are moving and can no longer go with Pogo Energy, that isn’t a problem. You can simply contact representatives to turn off your power. You don’t have a contract. You have already been paying for your electricity usage. If you have any remaining money on your account, it will be refunded to you. If you have a deferred payment plan, that will be your only obligation to Pogo Energy that you will need to take care of before your account can be closed.

Enjoy the Pogo Promise
Pogo Energy is dedicated to giving you the customer service that you deserve. We’ll make it simple when you are ready to turn your power on and we won’t give you hassles when it is time to turn it off. You won’t have to worry about your power being turned off on the weekends, at night, on a holiday, or when there is severe weather if there is a problem with payments on your account.

You Can Get Started in Less Than Two Minutes
If you have a mobile phone, you can be signed up with us in less than two minutes. As long as you get in touch with us by 5 PM any day of the week except Sunday, it will only take a quick payment of as little as $20 on your phone to get yourself hooked up with Pogo Energy. You don’t have to hang on the line waiting for customer service. Within hours of signing up, you can start enjoying the simplicity of Pogo Energy.

Save Money and Save Time
Pogo Energy customers could save as much as $300 on their annual power bills. It comes down to paying for what you use and doing it ahead of time, instead of waiting for a bill that comes after you’ve used your energy. When you wait for a traditional power service to send you your bill at the end of your billing cycle, you might be slammed with an amount you can’t pay at once or on time. Then you’re faced with late fees. With Pogo Energy, you get no deposit electricity, simply put $20 on your account and see how far that goes. Pay attention to what you’re using in your home and ways that you can conserve energy. Figure out your plan and when you are going to put more money on your account. Watch your energy use. You can surprise yourself with how much you can trim down your bill to fit your budget.

Opening a Pogo Electric Account
To open a Pogo Electric account, you need your address, a method to pay online, and your payment. Call our support team today, at any of our convenient locations, and get a free estimate. Operators are available at our toll-free number, 1-888.764.6669 or you can create an account online by clicking here. You can contact us online by using our quick contact form to open an account or make inquiries. 


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