Texas Power Company Offers Cheap Electricity with No Deposit

Texas leads the country in innovative wind farms and solar power fields. Texas deregulated electricity in 2002. Power plants generate electricity, and customers receive electricity through distributors. Real electric providers (REPs) control customers consumption of electricity. Pogo Energy grants consumers access to cheap electricity with no deposit. Every watt of Pogo Energy helps promote renewable solar and wind energy through carbon credits. Pogo Energy “saves the planet” while bringing you hassle-free electric power. No credit check is necessary.

What is Pogo Energy?
Pogo Energy is a REP which allows you to pay in advance for the electricity you consume. Pogo Energy is committed to a clean environment, the watts used create carbon credits. A carbon credit is legal tender, a tradable certificate, issued for offsetting greenhouse gas with one ton of environmentally-friendly carbon dioxide. The sun is a powerful source of renewable energy which heats, cools, and lights our homes and offices. Solar energy and wind power are never-ending, inexhaustible, and independent. Pogo Energy lets you choose 100% solar energy as a power option.

Reducing Dependence on Fossil Fuel
Electricity produced by solar and wind energy is cheaper and easier to produce than electrical energy produced by fossil fuel. Solar and wind power also reduce air and water pollution. Renewable energy costs less to produce than fossil fuels cost to refine. The global benefits of solar and wind power include international job creation with the costs of solar and wind power to consumers half of the initial cost of the same renewable energy. Solar and wind power reduce global warming and the emission of greenhouse gases. Solar and wind power save world wildlife from oil spills and unnecessary disruptions of their habitats.

No Deposit or Contract
Prior to deregulation, electric companies required deposits equal to at least one month’s electric bill plus a payment of the first month’s bill to turn on your electricity. Pogo Electricity requires no deposit, and it is not necessary to sign a contract with the service provider. You can choose when and how you want to pay your bill. One thing your must consider, though, is that prepaid electricity can be cut off if you miscalculate your energy consumption and forget to pay your utility bill. You’ll receive text and email notifications when your energy is being used up or you need to make another payment. Prepaid electricity may be billed at a higher rate per kilowatt-hour than direct contracts with a distributor, but renewable energy contracts are always cheaper.

Cheap Electricity with No Deposit
No one knows better how you consume electricity than you do. You can open an account from an mobile phone or computer, or you can call customer service by phone to activate an account to receive electrical service. Cheap electricity with no deposit can be great for individuals that are retired or disabled with a fixed income. Prepaid electric bills never exceed your ability to pay, and payments are due on the schedule of your choice. You can pay weekly, monthly, or semi-monthly.

Electricity is a buyer’s market in Texas with REPs competing for customers. You have unlimited options when you chose a real electric provider. Prepaid energy plans may be best for those who just graduated from high school or college. Prepaid energy plans are good for International students or those working in the United States on a short-term contract. You can defer your payment or average your payments to pay the same amount every month instead of struggling to pay your electric bill in the hottest months or the coldest months of the year. Discounts are paid for referring friends, and dividends may be paid for increased energy consumption.

Temporary Residents
Leases and rental contracts never benefited independent contractors or traveling salesmen. Cheap electricity with no deposit is best for your active life-style if you are only a Texas resident temporarily or you travel throughout the state of Texas to multiple job sites. You no longer need to sign a month to month contract for electricity when you pay extra for a month to month lease. Texas is saving you money on electricity while leading the country in the consumption of renewable energy and ending dependence on fossil fuels. Cheap electricity with no deposit is the energy solution for the 21st century.

Environmental Protection Agency
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency promotes the development of renewable energy sources. An investment in renewable energy improves the environment and saves consumers money. Renewable energy is a win-win no matter how you look at it. The same renewable energy now makes it possible for Texas consumers to purchase electricity on demand at reduced rates on their schedule. Lack of reliance on fossil fuels is an accomplishment for our entire country to be proud of. Together, we can all achieve our clean energy goals.

Renewable Energy May Improve the Weather
An old adage states, “We complain about the weather, but we never do anything about it.” Renewable energy allows the average person to reduce his or her air pollution which affects our climate and endangers our health. Carbon is a product of combustion, an emission from burning fossil fuels, forest fires, and industrial waste. Carbon pollutes the air we breathe and the water we drink. Electricity from renewable energy reduces black carbon in our immediate environment, improves our health, and saves our fish and wildlife.

Opening a Pogo Electric Account
To open a Pogo Electric account, you need your address, a method to pay online, and your payment. Call our support team today, at any of our convenient locations, and get a free estimate. Operators are available at our toll-free number, 1-888.764.6669 or you can create an account online by clicking here. You can contact us online by using our quick contact form to open an account or make inquiries. We’d like to turn your power on immediately within your house or apartment, but your distributor determines when your service can be connected.

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